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You Love UX & Don’t Even Know It: Why You Should Attend UX Fest 2013




We love UX at Fresh Tilled Soil; we live and breathe it everyday. You may not know it yet, but you do too. UX is directly relevant to your life, career, and business. We’d like to show you how. That’s why we’ve constructed a whole day event dedicated to exploring how to craft excellent user experiences— what ingredients and considerations go into them, what makes an experience exceptional, from an analytical, creative, and technical perspective, and what effect does that have on users/consumers, etc.

Who Should Attend:

UX Fest is not just for designers and developers. It’s also for marketers, sales people, product managers, founders, kickstarters, executives, managers, and design and technology lovers…you get the picture. Everyone can benefit from learning about UX, and the activities and session topics are designed to be accessible to all. (If you’re not technical, we recommend following the Business & Branding track (identified by sessions with a purple icon), perhaps sprinkled with a few Design & Behavior sessions (look for sessions with the green icon.) Click here to view all the session topics and titles, organized by track. There’s also a Development & Optimization track which addresses some of the more technical aspects of UX- how to build platforms and experiences that are up to par when it comes to speed, functionality, reliability, etc..

How UX Fest is different from other events:

1.) It’s in the details. This is not a typical conference where you sit in an auditorium all day and watch tiny presenters on a stage talk for 4 straight hours, then your body parts fall asleep on you, then you fall asleep, drool a little on the person next to you, then leave early. Nope. None of that. UX Fest is curated to be fun, engaging, and delightful on all levels- from lunchtime to parking.

2.) Format=Dynamic. UX Fest will help you ask and answer big questions about user experience in dynamic & interactive formats: attendees will engage in discussions, address questions with experts, test hypotheses, build prototypes, map solutions. This will all happen during workshops, lectures, and panel discussions led by local UX experts and innovators. (Click here to see names & faces of UX Fest presenters.) At any given time, there are at least 2 sessions going on that you can choose from, so you get to pick what you go to, and you are free to come and go as you please.

(There will also be featured products at the event that let you experience exceptional UX firsthand, get your creative juices flowing, and other simple but wonderful exchanges & mini feasts for the senses… see #8.)

3.) We get it. We were considerate of your experience at the event when we put the schedule together. Most sessions are 30 min each, followed by 15 min breaks so that you can get up, get a coffee, walk around, check out a event feature, and then refocus & refresh before the next session. We’ve accounted for the fact that you’re human and we don’t expect you to sit in one place all day, absorb information like a drone, feel inhuman at the end of it all, and then be expected to interact socially with new people over crappy wine. That’s how we consider it to be a “fest” of sorts- while it’s not a carnival or a concert, it’s dynamic, varied, and fun.

4.) Good motives. Let’s face it, most big conferences are primarily focused on turning a profit. UX Fest is the opposite. It’s a community event, so what we get out of it is 100% rooted in the value that it brings to you– our attendees and the local community. In other words, our measure of success is the same as yours. (Nice to know we’re on the same team, eh?) This leads us to our next point…

5.) Affordable. We’ve intentionally kept ticket prices affordable to the average person at $69 a pop, with group discounts for 4+ parties. Click here to purchase tickets on Eventbrite. (We didn’t make this event for Elitists & Daddy Warbucks.)

6.) Legit Speakers. We’ve hand picked each of the speakers and carefully curated their presentation topics — they’re all unique and engaging, and have real and practical applications. Most of their sessions involve audience participation. Most importantly, their sessions speak to different perspectives, interests, and angles regarding UX. Our speakers are real experts that work at real companies who are leading UX innovation. We think all of this makes for a much more exciting and worthwhile event. Click here to see UX Fest speakers.

7.) Networking-.We like to think that by breaking out of the traditional conference mold, UX Fest will appeal to some really creative, interesting, and innovative people. We’re expecting a diverse and intelligent group from all different companies and origins, so you’ll be in great company. People who come to a conference about user experience are people who we consider to ‘get it’ when it comes to UX, technology, and business in general. That makes for a pleasant networking experience where you’re surrounded by savvy peers.

8.) Product Experiences. As mentioned above, we’re featuring interactive products at the event, intended to showcase great UXs and leave you feeling inspired, with a fresh perspective, and heightened awareness.

What kind of products will be at UX Fest, you ask? Here are a few hints…

Our featured UX Fest products range from new 3D technologies you can try out on Macs in our testing lab, to multimedia art installations and yummy snacks. You’ll have the opportunity to…

  • teach a full scale intelligent robot to complete simple tasks
  • chillax in a private, zen room where you can take a ‘breather’ & catch up on work
  • ​flood your brain with an unearthly media display
  • wear a ‘Robin’ for an integrative experience
  • enter to win a 3D design challenge. Read more & enter here.

…that’s all…we’ve said too much already!

We hope you’ll join us at UX Fest on Oct 1! Get the full scoop at uxfest

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