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Your product is one of a kind, yet prospective customers can't demo or purchase it without hands-on assistance. Sound familiar?

This was the situation Skydeo faced. Just three weeks later, they had a working HTML prototype and a solution that empowered their customers with a product demonstration to help make informed purchase decisions. Here’s how we did it.

Simplification enables scale

Skydeo turns anonymous, raw mobile device data into accurate, high-value mobile audience segments. Their product, SAM (Skydeo Audience Maker), is a remarkable piece of software that gives marketers and data scientists x-ray vision. To date, the magic happened only through manual manipulation by Skydeo employees. This labor-intensive work was necessary because of the complexity of data calculations and the parameter selection process. SAM gives marketers complete visibility into the building blocks of their audience, quickly.

Skydeo wanted to put SAM into as many customer hands as possible by reducing the friction of manual customizations for account executives. For that, they needed two things: An intuitive product demo, and the product itself. It was important that both pieces could stand alone as self-serve experiences. Customers should see data come to life and understand the product’s value.

When Skydeo came to Fresh Tilled Soil, they had built a clickable prototype and had initial ideas about stylistic treatments – they were halfway there. Product functions were siloed, and navigating start to finish required more effort from their site visitors – no one wants to sift through data tables.

This was a straight up UX challenge – a core Fresh Tilled Soil capability – and the solution had to deliver an experience that was as intuitive and simple as the core Skydeo product.

Screen from Skydeo app displayed on an iPad
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The customer has a job to do

Skydeo’s Audience Maker fills an important need in a marketer’s work life. It allows brands to target mobile customers with pinpoint accuracy by identifying these audiences from billions of raw data attributes. The challenge was that our user research showed that Skydeo’s description of their audience didn’t align with how they identified customer needs and expectations within the workflow. There was a disconnect between the customer’s workflow and the product workflow. Using a combination of user journeys, personas, and JTBD (Jobs To Be Done) we developed concrete use cases. Verification of the user journeys with actual user’s behavior provided evidence for the new user experience design.

Smooth UX requires cohesion

While Skydeo’s audience maker is a robust and simple tool, it tested as cumbersome for many users to access. The true measure of simplicity is when users can walk through a process on their own – without ambiguity and without intrusive instruction like software wizards or setup assistants. Working closely with Skydeo, we reduced the number of app screens without losing any of the functionality. Each of these screens was designed with an intuitive flow that was simple enough for first-time users to breeze through from start to finish.

Screens from the skydeo application

Inviting design enhances flow

To deliver on the aggressive timeline, we parallel-pathed UX and visual design. This meant that by the third week we nailed the visual solution. Our solution had to pair aesthetically with the existing website, so we drew brand identity elements and some UI design inspiration from there. Then team members at Skydeo shared some of their favorite visual design from around the web, painting a picture of what they wanted to achieve.

Skydeo deals with data, but it doesn’t want to be a flavorless data company and it doesn’t want to look like its competitors. They want to attract and help empower fun, up-and-coming companies. Fresh, inviting design will help the brand position itself for this segment.

Screen from the Skydeo application running on an iPad

Creating attention in a distracted world

To keep users moving confidently through the experience, we used informative icons to call out important features. And to divide discrete processes, we placed process-specific information and utilities into color blocks. This helped ground users as they moved through each step – they could see a hierarchy of actions and knew all the steps associated with that action. This project showed how quickly an elegant, fully functioning prototype can be built. Keeping the user at the center of attention will always result in the right solution.

5 Screens from the skydeo application
Mike Ford Founder & CEO of Skydeo

Two other ‘cheaper’ alternatives had failed miserably and we lacked the resources - both internal UX talent and time - to deliver on our vision. I had a high level of confidence working with Fresh Tilled Soil that whatever work we asked of them would come back refined, well thought out and simplified. They delivered and exceeded my expectations.

Mike Ford
Founder & CEO of Skydeo

What Skydeo gained:

  • A clickable, full-flow prototype that demonstrates the power and value of SAM
  • A quick-to-market product demo, built into the product
  • The ability to generate scale from inbound site traffic
  • Reduced workload for staff who are no longer manually entering customer queries
  • A product story that aligns with new brand positioning
  • Solid visual design upon which a brand style guide can be built
  • A fluid experience to which they can direct prospects
  • A UI kit with the graphic files they need to design intuitive visuals and page elements in the future

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