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Why WordPress? Testimonial Truths About Love Affairs with the WordPress CMS Website Platform


For our staff web designers and developers at Fresh Tilled Soil, the answer to the question, “Why WordPress?” (is the ideal CMS website platform,) is practically rhetorical.

If you’re debating what’s the best CMS platform for your entrepreneurial or business website, find out why the WordPress content management system will sweep you off your feet.

When our clients come to us looking to for a website, we ask what features and elements they want their website to have. Typically, clients want a combination of any of the following features:

  • attractive design & layout
  • blog
  • social media (of some sort)
  • content that they can manage and change at will
  • search engine optimization (of some sort)
  • multimedia including images, videos, and/or music & sound
  • basic event planning tools

Not only can using WordPress as a CMS readily provide any or all of these desirable do-dads and features, it can do it through a back end system that is incredibly transparent & easy to work with.

As a web design team, this makes us happy; WordPress lets us give our clients all the functionality they were hoping for, plus we can remain confident that they’ll actually use all of the features that we worked hard to design & build for them.  Our clients end up doubly pleased with the results of their project when they realize they barely need any instructions to use their website.

Why do our web designers love WordPress so much?

How better to understand why our designers favor the WordPress CMS website platform over any other than to hear it from the horses’ mouth.

Here’s what our Boston web designers have to say about WordPress’ transcendent qualities:

“The best thing about WordPress is…”

“…it’s very intuitive for clients to use and widely supported by a huge community of developers.” – Alex Fedorov, Creative Director

“…its polished backend. The image handling is the best out there by far…even better than Flickr or Facebook. Also, plugin upgrades and installations are such a breeze.” -Luke Sideris, WordPress CMS Specialist

“…it’s entirely free, and constantly improving.” – Kevin Leary, Lead CMS Designer

“…. the ability to create, add, and edit pages on the fly. You don’t have to know HTML to edit your website’s content… How cool is that for our clients?!” -Emily Dunkle, User Interface Designer

“I love WordPress compared to other website content management systems because….”

“…it has the largest community of support and users compared to other CMS’.” – Emily Dunkle, User Interface Designer

“…it has an enormous community behind it, so it holds endless possibilities for users & developers.  It always supports the most cutting-edge functionality and will continue to adapt to the future of the web.” – Kevin Leary, Lead CMS Designer

“…of the massive amount of plugins out there for it, and the way it’s crafted to deliver solid user interface designs; I love having advanced WP knowledge because so many people know of the WordPress platform, but 99% of them have no clue how to code. It’s nice not having to stick to the same look and functionality of other WP sites out there.” – Luke Sideris, WordPress CMS Specialist

“…the plugins and support behind it let you solve pretty complex problems very easily. If you spend enough time learning it, you can master it.” – Alex Fedorov, Creative Director

“The most badass site I’ve ever designed/developed in WordPress is…. ”

“…; It’s a site I worked on that consists of over 50 pages, and all of them can be managed by the client. They can easily update their photo galleries, calendar of events, and news stories with a flick of the wrist. They love it.” – Emily Dunkle, User Interface Designer

“…my portfolio, because I’ve been able to work on constantly improving it (inside the WordPress platform,) for 5 years running.” – Kevin Leary, Lead CMS Designer

“I didn’t create them huge sites like CNN and MTV have moved their to the WordPress platform. It’s always impressive & telling when a larger site that’s visited by tons of people adopts a particular content management system; the CMS definitely has to account for high volumes, run fast, & exist in the right hosting environment. I think that’s pretty badass” – Alex Fedorov, Creative Director

And, for the finale…
“WordPress is my favorite thing ever, only second to……”

& “here’s why I personally am obsessed with it: ………….”

1.) Alex Fedorov, Creative Director:

[favorite, only 2nd to:] “… rap.”

[Alex is obsessed because:] “Someone like myself who is pretty limited technically and mostly focuses on design can set up a fully working content managed website for someone to work with in a matter of hours.”

2.) Kristy Stetson, Lead UI Designer:

[favorite, only 2nd to:] “…living life beyond my wildest dreams.”

3.) Luke Sideris, Designer:

[favorite, only 2nd to:] “… crazy-over-the-top flash marketing sites.”

[Luke is obsessed because of its:] “clean code; opens ource plugins, great documentation, super flexible hooks and filters to control almost any aspect of WordPress, lots of my favorite web designers use it, and because of its cool logo.”

4.) Kevin Leary, Lead Designer:

[favorite, only 2nd to:]“… jQuery.”

[Kevin’s obsessed because of its:] “Plugins, huge community of developers, it’s completely free, and it’s always changing.”

5.) Emily Dunkle, User Interface Designer:

[favorite, only 2nd to:] “…Jersey Shore.”

[Emily’s obsessed because:] “It’s really fun to experiment with and learn on.  I can always challenge myself on it to learn a new skill or technique that enhances the site I’m working on.”

[the end]

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