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The White House website gets a facelift and social media stamp


The new White House site is up and it’s an impressive leap forward for our typically stodgy government. I’m very impressed with the streaming video, blog and overall search engine optimization details. The video broadcasts make use of YouTube and Vimeo imbedding options and the site scores an impressive 97.1/100 on Website Grader. 

From a social bookmarking point of view the site is making big waves. There are currently 3,014 bookmarks: 3,014 and has 344 articles submitted to These articles received a total of 8032 diggs (votes) and 2 of these articles made it to the front page of It’s great to see the President’s office take such a strong lead on cutting edge web design and marketing.

Apart from all the whiz-bang features the content seems to be the best part of the site. This snippet from the blog had me dancing around the room: "One significant addition to reflects a campaign promise from the President: we will publish all non-emergency legislation to the website for five days, and allow the public to review and comment before the President signs it."

Author Richard Banfield

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