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What’s Your Favorite Product Experience


It’s time to announce more UX Fest 2018 speakers! But we aren’t just going to list them for you. No, we decided to announce them by asking them to respond to a question:

Come to UX Fest 2018 on June 4, 2018, to listen to these (and more) awesome speakers!

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Andrew Forsthoefel

Current Favorite Product Experience: Full Moon Ghee

“I’ve been trying to source locally as much as possible, grounding myself in my community and the land that supports us here, as a way of being in active, nourishing, and mindful relationship: knowing the people who grow the food I eat, knowing the folks who make the vessels that carry my food, knowing (in other words) the many ways in which I am a small part of a greater, living web of interdependencies, and remembering that without the hard work and devotion of countless beings, I wouldn’t be here, I wouldn’t be me. One product I’ve fallen in love with recently is Full Moon Ghee, made in Greenfield, MA. It’s tastes incredible (I use it to cook, blend it into my coffee, and even use it as a dip for tortilla chips!), is super healthy, and is made with such care and intention. It’s a part of reclaiming my kitchen and my home from the hands of monolithic corporations, and inviting in the hands of people who are near to me, those who are living with integrity close to the land that keeps us all alive.”

Full Moon Ghee

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Julia Austin

Current Favorite Product Experience: Headspace and Amazon Echo Dot

“Headspace is pretty slick. Super intuitive and simple. No onboarding friction. Up and running/meditating in minutes.”


“I also like the Echo dot. Far less intrusive than the original and just as functional.”

Amazon Echo Dot

. . .

David Cancel

Current Favorite Product Experience: Outlook Mobile

“Outlook on mobile. Hate Microsoft but the focused inbox plus the built-in calendar won me over. It’s a killer iPhone app.”

Outlook for mobile

Follow Dave on Medium at David Cancel and on twitter @dcancel

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Adaora Asala

Current Favorite Product Experience: Sonos app for speaker setup

“It made the process of hooking up speakers (which my nerd used to enjoy, for the complexity!) even more delightful. I was using an iPhone, and I remember it literally instructing me to flip my phone so it could capture the sound better as part of the ‘tuning.’”

Sonos speakers

“It could be totally made up, but it struck me as a really useful design intervention if indeed people weren’t optimizing their speakers due to how they were orienting their phones.”Sonos app“I also love showing off how to set up the speakers to non-Sonos friends when they come over. Seriously, humbled by how they took something as mundane (and potentially cumbersome) as speaker setup and turned it into something fun.”

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Ben Rabner

Current Favorite Product Experience: Delta app & Gregory Targhee 32L Backpack

“I love the Delta app feature where it sends a push notice when my bag has been loaded on the plane. I check my bike case and I am always concerned about it making every connection because I need it for work. I’m literally giddy with excitement every time I get that notice from Delta that my bike case has been loaded on the plane.”

Delta bag app

“This winter I bought a new pack specifically for backcountry ski touring and it is incredible. Great example of product design where it is not trying to be multiple things — it is designed specifically for backcountry ski touring.”

Gregory backpack

“Yes you could use it for just hiking, but it shines when used of touring. It has pouches components for essentials — probe poles have a specific holster, as does shovel handle and easy to access for emergency. Hooks and straps placed perfectly for strapping skis to the pack for when you have to boot hike. Hooks and straps can be grabbed while wearing gloves. Durable construction.”

Follow Ben on Twitter @benrabner

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Radhika Dutt

Current Favorite Product Experience: Android Phone

“Just today, I was changing phones, and it was super easy to set up my new phone because Android has all your contacts, mail etc. and with one login you get your entire phone setup. To clarify, it doesn’t quite say “apps you downloaded” it was “recommended apps” and all of them were the ones I had on my previous phone.”

Android phones

“I am a privacy fanatic and yet I find myself giving into Android and saying ‘Fine Google, you can have all my data because you make it so darn simple’…”

Follow Radhika on Medium at Radhika Dutt and twitter @RadhikaDutt

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Martin Eriksson

Current Favorite Product Experience: iPhone X

“Might be covered in the media too much but the iPhone X notification reveal when it sees you looking at the phone was a real delight the first time. It’s still cool.”

iPhone X

Follow Martin on Medium at Martin Eriksson and twitter @bfgmartin

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