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User Experience Design

Your users want digital experiences that are easy to use and delightful to interact with. We help you discover, prototype, and validate what your website or digital product should be in a way that understands and fulfills the needs of your users and your business.

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Rapid Prototyping

We consider a prototype as a mid- to high-fidelity design model of a final website, application, or proposed experience. With prototypes, you can demonstrate and validate near complete functionality of a design with events, animations, and interactions.

The general idea of a high-fidelity prototype is to represent as close to the final product as possible. This program is perfect for teams that have done the pre-requisite work to identify a compelling problem or opportunity but need to rapidly test various solutions.

Rapid Prototyping is great for:

  • Getting ideas in front of customers fast
  • Surfacing design and development issues early
  • Focusing on specific areas of our product
  • User testing and refinement
  • Increasing your team’s agility
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Information Architecture

A well considered content and navigation hierarchy can optimize a digital experience.

We help you envision the high-level structure by establishing navigation, key pages & flows, and defining a content hierarchy. This work provides a solid foundation on which you will continue to build.

Good Information Architecture can help you:

  • Make a website or product easier to navigate.
  • Let users find answers and complete tasks faster.
  • Validate an existing or new navigation or content structure.
  • Align your team and ensure a sustainable approach.

User Testing

Similar to our User Research & Persona Development areas, User Testing puts the user in the driver’s seat and aims to understand how they interact with and perceive a digital experience.

User Testing is a necessity when designing a new digital product or refining an existing one. Patterns begin to emerge quickly that help us make revisions which help to clarify anything that might be confusing.

User Testing is ideal for:

  • Understanding confusion and pain points with your website or application
  • Gaining insights into how, where, and when your users are actually engaging with your product
  • Clarifying workflows, screens, language and micro-copy to improve usability
  • Validating new features or concepts to gauge actual customer interest
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UX Team Augmentation

Some of our clients have in-house UX/UI Teams that we assist when they get too busy. We’ve worked seamlessly with these types of teams to enhance productivity and bring an outside perspective to a departments and organizations.

Our clients benefit from Staff Augmentation by:

  • Increasing agility and momentum on design initiatives
  • Performing research, user interviews or user tests
  • Prototyping and validating new features & concepts
  • Getting a second opinion or a set of recommendations
John Prendergast CEO of Blueleaf Wealth, Inc

Their responsiveness and flexibility make them great to work with. But what really makes Fresh Tilled Soil stand out is their ability to understand our application and customers and deliver insight as a true part of our team.

John Prendergast
CEO Blueleaf Wealth, Inc

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