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Product Strategy

The most effective product teams align around a shared product vision and define the path you’ll take to fulfill it. We help your team identify and implement a repeatable product strategy process that ensures you are delivering the right products in the right timeframe and with the right resources.

Product Roadmapping

Set your product up for continued success.

A product roadmap is a communication and planning tool that is used to deliver on an organization’s strategic goals. It helps align your team around a shared vision for your product and defines the path you’ll take to fulfill it. Our roadmapping service helps identify symptoms before they become problems, address dysfunctions that already exist, and establish an effective and reliable roadmapping process that matches your unique environment and needs.

Why might I need this?

  • Our team lacks alignment on product direction
  • We have no formal means of prioritization
  • We have missed delivering on stated objectives
  • Our product and & business strategy are misaligned
  • All of our product decisions have been made at the executive level

What is the output?

  • Process audit report
  • Change recommendations
  • Prioritized roadmap
  • Outline of next steps


Identify what’s important and what isn’t so your team executes.

Prioritizing what to focus on next is one of the most important aspects of product development. However, many teams struggle to prioritize properly, and therefore end up wasting time, disappointing stakeholders, or missing opportunities to delight customers. We help your team identify what product improvements should happen now, next, and later that will provide the most value for your customers and your business. You’ll learn how to repeat this process to make your decision-making process easier than ever.

Why might I need this?

  • Our product objectives are handed to us from our executives
  • We experience very contentious meetings
  • Certain team members dominate discussions
  • Politics are affecting our progress
  • We have too many angry customers
  • Product sales are in decline

What is the output?

  • Prioritization audit
  • Change recommendations
  • Recommended prioritization model
  • ROI scorecard
  • Outline of next steps

Product Audit

A product audit is in-depth analysis of your existing offering designed to assess the effectiveness, ease-of-use, scalability, and efficiency of the product. We examine the product from both a design and development performance perspective, utilizing our knowledge and experience with best practices to uncover areas for improvement.

Why might I need this?

  • Performance or accessibility issues
  • Growing pressure from nimble competitors
  • Plateauing sales
  • Outdated legacy products
  • Concerns about usability and scalability
  • Unaddressed customer complaints

What is the output?

  • Product performance budget
  • Change recommendations
  • As-needed wireframes
  • Outline of next steps

Fresh Ideas Roadmap Relaunch Kit

Download our Roadmap Relaunch Kit to help you get started down the path of more meaningful (and helpful) product roadmaps.

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