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What Not To Web REMIX Event Recap


For your own sake, I hope you weren’t so unfortunate as to have missed the What Not To Web REMIX Event last night, which we co-sponsored with MIT Enterprise Forum of Cambridge.  Ambassador of Buzz for Grasshopper, Stephanie Bullis, delivered a great presentation on “The Intersection of Evangelism and Design,” shedding light on web design from a marketing perspective.  Our CEO & in-house South African, Richard Banfield, delivered the other presentation of the night, a lesson on what makes for good web design & why (hint, has to do with how the user absorbs & interacts with a website.)  Mike Scopino, one of our talented Senior UI Designers at FTS, spoke right up as a panelist & weighed in on website redesigns, answering audience questions during the Q&A segment.  We shared some good laughs during the presentation, and some good booze and conversation afterwards at MIT’s R&D pub.

If you missed out last night, here’s something to cheer you up: the PowerPoint presentations delivered by Stephanie and Richard.  Enjoy, and please share ’em with people if you like them!

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