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Our Boston Web Design Event: What Not to Web & Springtime Site Makeovers


Don’t worry—we’re not going to give you a Kate Gosselin-inspired makeover or dress you up in a crazy-looking outfit.   The designers of Fresh Tilled Soil are volunteering their web design advice (phew!)  On May 27th, 2010, FTS and the MIT Cambridge Enterprise Forum are holding a networking event focused on helping entrepreneurs and business professionals update their existing site designs this spring.

In fact, attendees are invited to submit their own web designs before the event to be featured as examples during the main program, and receive a free design makeover.

Let’s face it—appearance does matter in the business world. You put your best face forward when it comes to professional affairs, so shouldn’t you do the same for your website?

The internet is a huge center of modern commerce and marketing; the way your business website looks and functions has a dramatic impact on the vitality of your business at large.  Arranging your website in such a way that is not only aesthetically appealing but also well organized and easy for users to navigate is all part of a great design; think about it– your web design can actually affect your ROI.

Our design staff wants to inspire you to revive your website design this spring; they’ll be giving free expert advice at the What Not to Web Spring Makeover Event on May 27th, at the  MIT Stata Center in Cambridge.  Have a cocktail, enjoy some witty conversation, and discover a practical application for your creative consciousness.

Submit your website and sign up for the event at

Become a fan of our What Not to Web Facebook Page now and get started discussing the web designs you love and hate!

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