October 1, 9:00 AM—5:00 PM

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  • Registration & Coffee

    8:00—8:45 AM
  • Welcome

    8:45—9:00 AM
  • The Power of Community & Discovery

    9:15—10:00 AM | 3rd Floor

    Improving the quality of the web by discovering and distributing content: this is a goal most companies and individuals share when it comes to content and social engagement on the web. StumbleUpon mastered this art years ago, and their ever-growing user-base proves they've persisted as a leader in this domain.

    Hear CEO Mark Bartels discuss key components of community building for content sharing, and how to engage users in rich human experiences across devices. He'll address key questions, like how to drive meaningful engagement for your brand and consumers, and share a few secrets to StumbleUpon's recent ROI successes. Learn how anticipating shifts in web technology and connecting key players and interests can enable any product or platform to evolve and thrive.

    Portrait of Mark Bartels
    Mark Bartels CEO, StumbleUpon
  • There's No Crying in Product Design: Overcoming Failure and Pride of Ownership

    9:15—10:00 AM | 4th Floor

    Pixar President Ed Catmull once said that the first drafts of his studio's stories 'suck,' and yet Pixar consistently generates box office winners. It's commonly advised to fail fast and iterate, but how do you bridge that gap? How do you get your team to feel safe enough to share all their ideas, and how do you decide which concepts to cultivate and combine into a cohesive solution? Panelists discuss their work environments, processes, and team rules that allow the best product solutions to emerge.

  • Conflict is the Key to Great User Experience

    10:15—11:00 AM | 3rd Floor

    Letting go of preconceived notions is a requisite skill for creating whole-hearted user experiences. In his talk, Steve will help you look at your current projects through a vulnerable lense to see imperfections, pre-empt design oversights, and let go of personal defense mechanisms that interfere with the creative process. This session will give you the tools to free project teams to express true creativity, to bond, and to connect at a deeper level with each other and the people using our products and designs.

    Portrait of Steve Fisher
    Steve Fisher Experience Architect, Republic of Quality
  • Pervasive UX: Making The Experience Top of Mind

    10:15—11:00 AM | 4th Floor

    In many product organizations, and many organizations in general, there is often a lack of attention for UX and the thinking behind it. Features often get discussed in detail because it is believed the features are what differentiate from competitors. This session will focus on building a design thinking, UX-first mentality in an organization starting at the grassroots level. By exploring examples from the Small Business InnoLoft at Constant Contact, IBM and Capital One, we’ll discuss ways you can evangelize UX in your organization.

    Portrait of C. Todd Lombardo
    C. Todd Lombardo Experience Architect, Innovation Architect, Constant Contact's InnoLoft
  • Attracting & Hiring Top Design Talent

    11:15 AM—12:00 PM | 3rd Floor

    Building an all-star team is a design challenge in itself. Solving the problem of building a design team at pace with a rapidly growing organization requires creative solutions. How do you find great design talent and ensure they work well together and share the overall product vision? Vimeo has grown a lot in the past five years; in this session, Justin Dickinson, Director of Design, shares his experiences recruiting, interviewing, and hiring in a design-focused organization. He'll share lessons learned from the hiring process, the shape and sound of great designers at all stages of their career, Vimeo's approach to culture fit, and how Vimeo's design team has grown concurrently with their business. This session provides vital information for any leader building a product design team.

    Portrait of Justin Dickinson
    Justin Dickinson Director of Design, Vimeo
  • Responsive Typography: Design for Meaning, Not Screen Size

    11:15 AM—12:00 PM | 4th Floor

    Responsive Typography is the notion that our type must move, change, and adapt just as the rest of our designs do. Responsive Typography is perhaps the most influential factor when it comes to readability and usability in aspect design.

    In this lecture, Jason talks about the '4 Ps' of Responsive Web Type: Performance, Progression, Proportion, & Polish. He’ll show you how to add refinements like ligatures, fractions, swashes and more, quickly and easily. Combine these ideas and you'll walk away with a complete skillset for creating flexible, appropriate, and dare we say fabulous typography for your site that works on virtually every platform and device.

    Portrait of Jason Pamental
    Jason Pamental Principal & Co-Founder, H+W Design
  • Lunch

    12:00—1:15 PM
  • Enchanted Users, Soaring Revenues: A B2C Digital Product Panel

    1:15—2:00 PM | 3rd Floor

    UX is core to customer engagement, loyalty, and distinguishing your product from hundreds like it that may exist on the market. In this panel discussion, we’ll ask a group of experts tough questions about what matters when it comes to UX, business, and user engagement. Featured panelists will offer experience and perspectives from different verticals, business models, and user groups— but what themes, challenges, and priorities are pervasive across the board when it comes to engaging users, growing your brand and your bottom line through user experience?

  • Data Visualization Decoded

    1:15—2:00 PM | 4th Floor

    Designing data visualizations presents us with unique and interesting challenges; how to tell a compelling story; how to deliver important information in a forthright, clear format; how to make visualizations beautiful and engaging. In this talk, Julie will share a few disruptive designs and connect those back to her compiled data visualization pattern library.

    Julie will introduce methods used to show revealing insights into data comparisons, connections and conclusions:

    • How do we analyze and compare attributes?
    • How do we show associations and links between data sets?
    • How do we discover themes?

    Data visualization methods are at the core of extracting meaning from data. Together, attendees will explore, uncover, and examine iterations of design ideas.

    Portrait of Julie Rodriguez
    Julie Rodriguez Associate Creative Director, Sapient Global Markets
  • Design Renegade

    2:15—3:00 PM | 3rd Floor

    To reach your goals in the world of graphic design, you need to be a rogue. A misfit. A renegade. James White from Signalnoise Studio based his career on doing things outside the ordinary, rejecting boardrooms and creative briefs to chase his design dreams with vengeance and rock n’ roll.

    Portrait of James White
    James White Designer, Signalnoise Studio
  • Podcast: The Dirt LIVE

    2:15—3:00 PM | 4th Floor

    • Portrait of Tim Wright
      Tim Wright Development Director, Fresh Tilled Soil Co-host
    • Portrait of Steve Hickey
      Steve Hickey UX Designer & Developer, Fresh Tilled Soil Co-host
    • Portrait of Mark Grambau
      Mark Grambau Illustrator, Fresh Tilled Soil Co-host
  • Driving Innovation & Building Multidisciplinary Teams in UX

    3:15—4:00 PM | 3rd Floor

    Involving a multidisciplinary team in the design process can be a serious challenge, particularly when budgets are strapped and time is limited. In this talk, Laura calls on her extensive experience compiling internal project teams at Google to share the most effective and practical methods for workflow and team building. She’ll reveal some expert tips like how to bake data into the design process, and how to reconcile data, opinion, and UX. Learn to identify opportunities in the UX process to drive strategy, inspire your team, and shape decisions made by leaders in your organization.

    Portrait of Laura Granka
    Laura Granka Head of UX Research, Google
  • Incentives Done Right & Wrong: Learnings in Our Journey from Consumer App to Launching a Health Plan

    3:15—4:00 PM | 4th Floor

    Do financial incentives actually work to change people's behavior, or do they destroy intrinsic motivation and make us too focused on money? The truth is that designing incentives is a tricky task. Poorly designed incentives can wreck havoc in ways we never expected, while well designed incentives have the potential for truly scalable, long-lasting behavior change. Drawing upon 3 years of data from Pact and her background in behavioral economics, Yifan shares some of her team's learnings in their journey from a consumer fitness app to launching a health insurance plan.

    Portrait of Yifan Zhang
    Yifan Zhang Co-founder &CEO, Pact
  • Designing a UX for Everyone

    4:15—5:00 PM | 3rd Floor

    Many of us involved in building user experiences tend to design for "the average user" in an effort to reach as many people as possible. We often use empathy to channel this audience, but we are often limited by our preconceived notions of who those users are. With more than 15 years working as a developer and an advocate for people with disabilities, I know that the vast majority of designers and developers are not considering this audience. However, this is usually not because they don't care. More often than not, its because they can't empathize with this audience because they are not at all familiar with how they use technology. Learn how people with disabilities use the web and how you can easily and dramatically improve the user experience for an audience that is more diverse than you think.

    Portrait of Mark Sadecki
    Mark Sadecki Accessibility Coordinator, EdX
  • Digital Design Leaders: Speaker Interviews

    4:15—5:00 PM

    Portrait of Richard Banfield
    Richard Banfield CEO, Fresh Tilled Soil
  • Happy Hour!

    5:00—6:30 PM | 4th Floor