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UX Fest 2014 Recap: Photos, Presentations, & Video Highlights


Imagine convincing your entire team to pack up their desks, break down the office, and come together to lift, pack, organize, and host a signature event. That’s what we did here at Fresh Tilled Soil a few weeks ago in preparation for our largest event of the year, UX Fest. (Skip to either event photos or presentations and videos located in this post, or check out VentureFizz’s great post about the event)The idea to host our own UX conference came to us nearly two years ago, after hosting a series of intimate, after-work events that featured interviews with high-profile guests in design and tech, including the Founders of Dribbble and the Winklevoss Twins. We established a regular attendance list, and our engagement with the Boston design community continued to grow. These events inspired us to expand our program to host a full-day event focused specifically on UX.We launched UX Fest with two primary goals in mind. First, we sought to bring together leaders in design and development to share their knowledge and expertise. We also hoped to shed light on UX as a discipline, showing that it doesn’t just live in the hands of a designer, but rather at the core of every consumer-facing digital experience, thus making it a key differentiator for businesses.We were thrilled with the outcome of our first UX Fest, if a bit overwhelmed by the turnout. In short, we found tremendous value in bringing together UX talent and opening our doors to 250+ people. We fostered new relationships, grew our network, bolstered our industry reputation, expanded our reach, and increased engagement. The consensus: we would definitely do it again next year. But better.For our second UX Fest at Fresh Tilled Soil, we carefully considered last year’s highs and lows and made some key changes and improvements. Our talented speakers came from across North America to join in our dialogue on UX, representing outstanding organizations such as Google, Vimeo, Constant Contact, EdX, StumbleUpon, and more. Most importantly, in planning this year’s UX Fest, we knew that “better” did not necessarily mean “bigger.” Delivering an even higher caliber attendee experience than before meant offering fewer tickets. While some event hosts focus on financial profit or self-promotion, we are dedicated to relationship building, generating high-quality content, and bringing together the community. This is what sets our events at Fresh Tilled Soil apart: they’re driven by our love of building world-class experiences.We received such amazing support from the attendees, sponsors, and speakers who made UX Fest happen again this year, and we feel incredibly grateful. Thank you to our attendees, speakers, and our wonderful sponsors at Mammoth Media, Campaign Monitor, MOO, Inspired Beverage, Blue Moon Brewing Company, BridjIdeaPaint, and others.If you’d like to attend next year’s event, sign up for email notifications about UX Fest 2015.

Incentives Done Right and Wrong Yifan Zhang, Pact

The Power of Community & Discovery Mark Bartels, StumbleUpon

Pervasive UX: Making the Experience Top of Mind C. Todd Lombardo, Constant Contact

Designing a UX for Everyone Mark Sadecki, EdX

Data Visualizations Decoded Julie Rodriguez, Sapient

See Julie’s slides

Responsive Typography Jason Pamental, H+W Design

See Jason’s slides

Design Renegade James White, Signalnoise Studio

Conflict Is the Key to Great User Experience Steve Fisher, Republic of Quality

No Crying in Product Design, A Panel Discussion Featuring Adam Sigel of InsightSquared, Robin Zaragoza, Andy Pitre of Hubspot, and Will Smith of InsightSquared

Digital Design Leaders Interview Pane Mark Bartels of StumbleUpon, Laura Granka of Google, James White of SignalNoise

B2C UX Product Panel: Getting A Seat At The Table Featuring Mark Bartels of StumbleUpon, Michael Rawlins of ESPN, Brian Kalma of Blade, Jim Forrest of Change Collective, and Jeremy Kriegel, most recently of Drizly

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