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UI Design Breakfast: “Simple Designs For Complex Needs”


There are so many new technologies on the horizon today. Successfully integrating these new technologies will dramatically increase our efficiency and capabilities across industries– from healthcare to medicine to research to education, etc. It’s the presentation of these technologies, the “skin”  or user interface that they assume and that we, as the users, will interact with, that will be the determinate factor in whether or not we embrace and harness the power they have to offer.

That’s why this year, Fresh Tilled Soil is hosting a free educational breakfast in association with BREW Boston, where Richard will discuss how modern user interface design methods can provide simple and user friendly solutions for even the most complex business needs.  He’ll be talking about the growing movement of software to the cloud, and how web-based solutions are transforming user experiences from dinosaur-age feel and functionality to something more comparable to the easy-breezy accessibility offered by devices like the iPad. Richard will also dig into the impact of this change on the consumer and business world, and why we should take it into consideration when we plan and build our business models for 2013 and beyond.  Richard will discuss some real case studies that show first hand how complex data can be presented in a delightful manner with the right applied user interface design.

Register for a free ticket to the Fresh Tilled Soil BREW event, No More UX Nightmares: Simple Design For Complex Needs, and get some food for thought over bagels and coffee.

Eventbrite - No More UX Nightmares: Simple Design For Complex Needs

when: October 18, 8am-9:30AM
where: IBM Innovation Center, Faneuil Hall Room, 404 Wyman Street, Waltham MA

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