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Early last week, TrophoMax launched their new website design! The site design was artfully crafted by UI designer, Alex Sylvia, with Michael Perrone as project manager. (Bios and pictures coming soon to our homepage..!)

The site is essentially TrophoMax’s first, and the primary purpose was to serve as a marketing tool and online presence for this new product & brand, which hasn’t yet hit the market. The product itself, TrophoMax, is a naturally occurring bacteria that facilitates germination and improves plant growth and health.

It was important to our clients at TrophoMax that the site design relay two primary and essential facts about their product: it’s completely organic and natural, and it’s scientifically proven to work. You can see how these core characteristics had an aesthetic impact on the design—the soft, natural color palette, set against a background image of sky and fields. At the same time, the site structure is simple and concise, allowing the facts and science behind the product to take center stage.

Check out the homepage below and click on it to visit and see for yourself.

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