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Top Brand Landing Page Design Strategies, Part 2


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Rich & Skinny


Rich & Skinny Jeans homepage

landing page: 2012-5-24 16:26:52

Design strategy:

Where the Rich & Skinny homepage has one main image and then right column nav that lets visitors choose which area of the site to visit, the landing page cuts right to the chase by displaying an array of pants. Like Nike, the landing page mimics a product detail page that a user would not otherwise see until they had navigated deeper into the site. It brings the deeper content right to the surface as a technique to draw in users.  These jeans are awesome, by the way.

 homepage: homepage

landing page:

Roku landing page

Design strategy:

The price and the product itself is the focus of the landing page design where the homepage design puts a lot more emphasis on the channels available to you through the device.  The roku image in the landing page design is practically in real-size, and the make the price very up front.  Details are available below the fold but mostly they are just sending one primary message through the header image text, “Roku. The #1 Selling Streaming Player.”  They also include a demo video right below the fold which is a smart move for an audience of consumers that are probably pretty video-happy.

homepage: homepage

landing page: 2012-5-24 16:10:33

Design strategy:

The Southwest homepage design is a bit cluttered in my opinion, with a ton of different offers going on in a 2 column lay out below the header image.  Contrastingly, the Southwest landing page focuses solely on one offer. The entire design effort goes into getting site visitors to sign up for rapid rewards, a free mile-earning service when you fly Southwest, which indicates to me that the landing page design is geared more for first time visitors. It’s a strong call to action wherein visitors have nothing to loose by signing up; Southwest gains their customer engagement and potentially loyalty over other airlines by getting users involved in this program. Smart thinking.

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