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Top Brand Landing Page Design Strategies, Part 1


Landing pages are supposed to blend in with your existing website design & structure, yet provide a little more incentive to visitors to get them to act on a purchase or sign up.  Below are some big brand’s landing page designs along with their homepage designs; you can deduce the strategy that each one has by analyzing the design– food for thought for your own business.


landing page:

Design strategy: Nike’s landing page design puts the focus on one product to inspire custom action– their sneaker. It’s probably a top selling web product, or they may be A/B testing different products as the focus of their landing page to see which converts best.  It’s unusual, and kinda cool, that they added interactive elements on it, like the color swatch for the sneaker in the lower right. It’s a detail that makes this landing page feel more like a product detail page, which I imagine could have a positive impact on user psychology.


landing page:

Design strategy: This is a pretty aggressive landing page strategy that requires a users to enter their email in order to access the page. This probably means that this landing page is able to recognize new vs returning visitors that already have an account established. Although it’s bold, there are a lot of tempting images waiting for you once you get passed the sign up box, which helps motivate the user to give in and join.


landing page:

Design strategy: Dropbox takes the opposite approach of most landing pages– while most landing pages have less content on them in attempt to get users to focus on the call to action, here the landing page gives more information– although still not a lot of it.  I love the idea of having a testimonial rotation right in the middle of the page, and again it offers an interactive element, letting users scroll through different ones, which increases engagement.  The landing page design retains the minimalist aspect of the dropbox website and homepage, but still manages to deliver some essential information– what Dropbox does and how to get it.

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