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Top 10 Infographics that Kick A$$


Do you really have the time and energy to read anymore? If you’re like me, you will more than likely answer this question with a big fat “NO.” Well my friend, let me introduce you to the infographic: a simplified visual representation of more complex situations, events and/or statistics.

I couldn’t resist myself and I had to compile a list of infographics that are, in my book, bad a$$. I’ll waste more words for a later post and get straight to the point: Check out these visually stunning and informational infographics…

1) The Grand Slam Champ
Roger Federer’s 10 year grand slam history :

(image source)

2) Tick Tock on the Clock
Co-workers tardiness tracked while boss on vacation:
(image source)

3) Money, Money, Money…. MONEY
Top-paid CEO salaries compared to minimum-wage earners:

(image source)

4) 1 Combo, 2 Combo, 3 Combo, 4
Visual combination and components of the Rubiks Cube:

(image source)

5) Laughing all the Way Home
What one person thinks about their dads jokes:
(image source)

6) What it Means to be “Italian”
Elements that make up Italy:
(image source)

7) Old McDonald Had a Farm
Local organic farm Lone Oak has advantage in terms of distance way from the city:
(image source)

8) Staying Connected
How many days it took Apple’s ipad to reach 50 million users compared to other products:

(image source)

9) One-Stop Shop
This company provides customers with complete package, while their competitors only do bits and pieces:
(image source)

10) Be Sure to Stay on the Trail
How one park with walking trails keeps their visitors on the proper path, avoiding a zoo and prison:
(image source)

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Tim has expertly managed over 40 projects with his fastidious attention to detail, inherent compassion, and unlimited energy. Tim holds an MBA in global business leadership and brings his entrepreneurial spirit to every project.

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