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Togo Gets A New Website & A Seat In The U.N. Security Counsel


Fresh Tilled Soil is in the midst of designing our first official government-related design project– a website for the country of Togo, West Africa.

We’re designing & building a new website for the country of Togo, a project that ensued from the significant government changes taking place there. Recently, government power changed hands in Togo, sending the country on a path toward democracy.  We’re thrilled to hear that last Friday, Togo was granted a seat on the United Nations Security Counsel, a privilege that reinforces the country’s efforts to re-position themselves in the global eye.  Yeah, Togo!  (You can read more about their recent victory here.)

Togo asked us to design them a website that would help to “re-brand” the global perspective on their country, and better represent the new face of their government & society.  The goal of the new website design is to not only reflect their new democratic identity, but also to reveal the country’s strengths as a burgeoning hub of global commerce, trade, and tourism.

We’re honored & excited to have a small part in helping Togo unveil their new, progressive stance through their country’s website.

Much more to come on this project…stay tuned for more details about the design & future site launch.


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