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The web & mobile product designer’s holiday wish list


If you’re a UI designer who wants to sharpen your craft, but you aren’t able to get involved with our Apprenticeship in User Experience, we’ve put together a list of key readings that we gave our apprentices during the program. Covering a broad range of topics, these books and articles belong on the reading list of anyone who is serious about building web and mobile products.


Topic: The Business of Design


Topic: The Design Process


Topic: Building Intuitive and Engaging Products


Topic: Typography on the Web


Topic: Mobile & Cross-Context Design


Topic: The Behavior Layer


There are also a couple of books that don’t fit as neatly into the topics above:

  • Cooper, Reimann & Cronin’s About Face 3 is a beastly reference text longer than a late Harry Potter novel. It sometimes seems to have all the answers on designing interactive experiences.
  • Don Norman’s Design of Everyday Things is a pleasurable (if somewhat directionless) romp through the world of “interface design” (with “interface” broadly defined to mean everything from car dashboards to teapot handles). It’s a great read for a broad range of experience levels, and contains some good reminders of why user-centered design is so important.


You’ll notice a heavy A List Apart bias to our reading list. What can we say? Zeldman runs a great show. Other industry blogs on which we had the apprentices stay current were:


Anything we missed? Self-promotional book/blog plug? Let’s see it in the comments!

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