Live Web Demos

Check out some of the new web technologies that will transform the internet in 2013.    Brought to you exclusively by fresh tilled soil

The Technology

WebRTC is a series of APIs that, among other things, will enable real-time communications between browsers (mobile and desktop), as well as access to native features on the web.

  1. webRTC


    Enables real-time communication in web browsers via Javascript
    • Media Capture - Get access to data streams, such as from the user’s camera and microphone
    • Peer Connection - Audio or video calling, with facilities for encryption and bandwidth management
    • Data Channel - Peer to peer communication of generic data. This is the key to enable faster, robust, real-time and highly scalable social web applications!
    • Voice calling and video chat in real time
    • Peer-to-peer file sharing in real time, without plugins
  2. Web Audio

    WebAudio API

    Enables real-time processing, analysis/visualization, and synthesis of audio in web applications via JavaScript.
    • Web-based instrument tuners (such as a guitar or a piano tuner)
    • Synthesis of audio (such as sounds of a musical instrument via the web) Demo Feature
    • Human speech synthesis
    • Speech recognition (made possible only if coupled with Web Workers API)
    • Live analysis of audio for visualization (such as a web-based graphic equalizer)
  3. mediaCaptureAndStreams

    Media Capture & Streams API

    Provides access to peripheral devices such as cameras and external drives
    • Real-time computer vision (such as face recognition)
    • Motion detection
    • Object detection and tracking
    • Manipulation of computer graphics by gesturing in the air
    • Web-based real-time baby monitor
    • Web-based sound and/or video recording and live monitoring
  4. Device API

    Device API

    Provides access to native hardware and operating system capabilities on the web. In other words, everything that native apps can do on a mobile phone will be possible via mobile web browsers.
    • Ability to access to your phone’s contacts, place calls, and send text messages from a web page
    • Battery and device CPU monitoring will make web pages more efficient and prolong battery life
    • Bluetooth and NFC (near field communication) for quick communications between mobile devices, as well as desktop computers, within close wireless range
    • Device USB access for storing, reading, and writing files to a connected USB flash drive (with potential to read from and control USB connected peripherals
  5. Web Workers

    Web Workers API

    Speeds everything up on the web by enabling true JavaScript multi-threading.
    • It has recently become available to all major browsers
    • Turbo charges the speed at which web applications perform, while expanding bandwidth of what a program can handle
    • Web apps now have the ability to perform on par with desktop software, without plugins