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‘The Fold’ Keeps Moving Further


Great news for any web designer confronted with the concerns of clients who fear “the fold.” According to the W3C Schools, more than 85% of users are now on devices with a resolution setting higher than 1024×768:

Only 13.8% of users are at 1024×768 which has been the standard width for “fixed-width” website designs for the last few years and almost no one is on web browsers with lower resolution settings – except of course of Mobile users.

W3C Schools Browser Resolution Statistics

Assuming that you’re targeting visitors on Mobile devices separately using media queries or scripts that include additional stylesheets based on the width of the browser window, this is good news for website and web application design in the sense that your canvas is now essentially taller. This increase in space should allow web designers to allow a comfortable amount of white space and to be able to position important elements in their designs effectively without worry that they have to force everything into the top 600-700 pixels of the browser.

Author Alex Fedorov

Alex is a strategic thinker with a gift for information architecture, known for his ability to wireframe complex workflows and multiple states of applications at the speed of light. He is passionate about clean, data-driven design.

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