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The Dirt: What can a Design Sprint help us do?


In this episode of The Dirt – our first in quite some time – Fresh Tilled Soil Design Strategists Jill Starett and C. Todd Lombardo discuss one of the most common questions we hear: “What can a Design Sprint help us do?”. The most common goal of a design sprint is to assess an opportunity and reduce the risk of failure. That sounds great in the abstract, but what does this really mean in practice?

Listen in to hear Jill and C. Todd walk you through some of the many ways and examples of how a design sprint and help an organization get answers to BIG questions.

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Show Notes

Author Jill Starett

Jill’s attention to detail, inquisitive nature, and impressive tabletop strategy skills bring an incredible force to every project. With experience at organizations large and small, cultivating digital, mobile and early stage product innovation, Jill relishes the opportunity to go after big ideas and work through complexity to discover the highest impact solution every time.

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