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The Dirt: Product leadership with Nate Walkingshaw


A fascination with adopting the best process framework is distracting us from addressing a more serious issue in product management: leadership.

Product managers from companies of all sizes and stages share the same leadership challenges: juggling the well-being of their team while building great products. Many product managers believe that the perfect process will lead to game-changing products. But counting on the process to bring you success is not enough.

Nate Walkingshaw, CXO of on-demand technology learning platform Pluralsight visited Fresh Tilled Soil to share his views about putting people before process. He believes that building the hard and soft skills of any team, while accounting for working styles, is far more impactful in creating products than any specific framework.

Listen to Nate’s interview with Richard Banfield, Jill Starett, and C. Todd Lombardo of Fresh Tilled Soil where they discuss:

  • Optimizing work style over work process
  • Incorporating the craft of contextual inquiry in your organization
  • Granting trust to your product teams and leading by example

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