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The Dirt: Creating Strategic-Minded Design Teams and Design-Minded Product Teams


Designers and strategists

A little over a month ago, we were invited to participate in General Assembly’s Inside the Minds of Brilliant Designers series. The idea of the series is to provide practical tips and insights from expert designers on how they’re solving problems through design. We’re always game to discuss UX design, product design, and design thinking, so we gladly accepted the invitation.

Building digital products is a team sport, with both strategy and design complimenting one another. So we decided what better way to underscore this point than recommending a panel discussion on the topic of how designers and strategists work together at Fresh Tilled Soil?

The panel included two of our design strategists – Jill Starett and C. Todd Lombardo – and two of our experience designers – Hamy Pham and Kat Garcia.

General Assembly Fresh Tilled Soil Event

Well, the event was hit – so much so that we decided to get the band back together in our office to discuss some of the topics that were covered, including:

  • a discussion of their respective backgrounds and the kind of projects they work on
  • how design and strategy roles work together to address different client challenges
  • when one role takes the lead vs. a supporting role
  • adapting the process to fit the project
  • being honest about strengths and weaknesses
  • some of our favorite products right now

Listen to the show

Show notes:

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