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The Client-Agency Relationship Promise


When I sat down to interview our project managers about what the ideal client was like and how a client could get the most out of us, it had the unexpected result of teaching us all something new about ourselves. That is to say, it was something we already knew but had never sat down to gather our collective thoughts. The relationship between the client and the agency is reciprocal, with both sides getting out of it what they put into it. You have to act a certain way if you want somebody to fall in love with you.

Be emotional.

We share our emotions about the project, and the client should as well. Get excited about it! We want to share in your enthusiasm for what you do and the work we do together. It hurts to be in a relationship where one party is in love and the other could not care less. If you are upset, then get upset and tell us. That goes hand in hand with enthusiasm for the relationship and the project.

Be unfiltered.

Let’s be honest about how we do things, what we like to do, and what we do not like to do. Both parties should open up about their thought processes. Openness and transparency in relationships is a key factor in building the trust which I spoke about in the partner article (See what I did there?) to this post.

Be open minded.

I like Indian and you prefer Chinese, so let’s get Thai. We each come from different backgrounds, and we both have to have an open-minded approach. You are the expert in your field or your industry. We are the geniuses in design. We both have to be prepared to work in ways that we have never worked before. Together our unique perspectives and insights will come together to create something beautiful.

Of course with every new relationship you have to start with a first date. Like I said in my earlier post, leave your previous bad relationships at the door. Nobody wants to hear someone carry on about their ex on a date. That is age-old advice for any exciting new relationship.

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