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Super Web-O-Matic Comes to Life!


Excitement is in the air over at FTS as we just finished reviewing the fully working Super Web-o-Matic project management application. The system is designed to handle multiple clients’ accounts as Web-o-Matic Agents use crowd-sourcing principles to provide content managed sites for a reasonable budget to small businesses. After the initial success of the business model and price point after the company’s inception in October, it became clear to WoM CEO Chris Merrill that he would need a system to allow multiple agents to manage multiple projects in order for the company to scale. A few weeks later we had prototyped a full application in HTML/CSS demonstrating the ability to manage Agents, Clients and Projects.

Each project works in a linear 5-step fashion starting with a Design Brief and working through the phases of the client providing Content, feedback on Design Comps, a review of the Coded site and ultimately the Approval to launch. Everything happens through the application and via email notifications and all messages and files are retained at the project level. The administrator of the system can log in and instantly understand what steps each project has reached, who’s been assigned to the project and when the latest activity transpired.
We look forward to having our partners at Web-o-Matic use this application daily to bring greater ease and the promise of scalability to the business.

Author Alex Fedorov

Alex is a strategic thinker with a gift for information architecture, known for his ability to wireframe complex workflows and multiple states of applications at the speed of light. He is passionate about clean, data-driven design.

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