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Softbank Capital Redesign


Something magical happened last night– the new Softbank Capital website launched.  The FTS team has been working with Softbank for quite some time now on their website redesign; this redesign project was a bit more involved than most.

About the Project:

Softbank requested a redesign that would make their website look & feel more like an iPad app but also be flexible enough to adapt to any given browser or device. On an aesthetic level, they wanted a design with texture and depth, and wanted to go with a deep blue theme to compliment their newly designed logo. To simplify how the SoftBank team accessed their site content, our UI designers restructured the sitemap & brought information on their team and portfolio companies to the forefront.

The main goal for the redesign was to make the website beautiful and delightful to interact with; SoftBank Capital knew that their audience often used iPads, tablets, and other mobile devices, and so wanted to offer an experience that catered to their needs. Mission accomplished!

We were tickled pink when we discovered that TechCrunch wrote a feature article on Softbank, giving a shout out to their website makeover, ushered in with some bigger, more fundamental company changes.  They’ve decided to alter their investment strategy to focus on a greater number of early, seed stage companies.  The new site design reflects that shift; the redesigned portfolio page is filled with their portfolio company logos, & the bit of extra space at the bottom tells me it’s been designed to accommodate future additions…

Those are just a few changes that were made, but there’s a lot more.  Take a look at a few of the before/after images below.  Click here to browse the new Softbank Capital website live.

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