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Signing off for 2016


2016 has been an invigorating year because of you and our entire community. We’re so fortunate to be surrounded by intelligent and inquisitive people who love to share new ideas. If we’ve seen you at one of our events, you’ve read our blog, engaged with us on social media, or partnered on a project with us – thank you for making this year fulfilling for us. We’re all taking some time off between Christmas and New Year’s to reflect, relax, and re-energize ourselves to ensure 2017 is even better than 2016.

And if you’re still struggling finding the perfect gift for your loved ones and you missed out on Nordstrom’s $85 leather wrapped stone, you might still have time to order any of these products.

Signing off from Watertown. Fresh Tilled Soil, out.

Author Chris Wilcox

Chris is a high-energy marketer focusing on content creation, events, lead generation, and developing deeper, more meaningful relationships with Fresh Tilled Soil’s clients. He brings out-of-the-box creative flair to every challenge along with keen attention to detail.

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