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Sassy Style and Serious Strategy: MIT’s New Site Hits the Web


The folks at MIT Enterprise Forum of Cambridge would agree—their website makeover was LONG overdue.

In case you’ve never seen their old site, get a look at the MIT homepage before the FTS redesign:

Now take a look at the MIT homepage after our redesign:

WOW—pretty big transformation, eh?  Check out the live site here

The best part is, the new site isn’t just eye candy; it’s super functional, custom crafted to improve and simplify everyday business over at MIT.

The site is built to perform; it has a custom Eventbrite sign up system integrated right into the site (great for our friends at MIT who are constantly planning and holding events;)  There’s a blog where everyone involved in the forum can discuss the highlights of recent events, keep members updated on enterprise forum news, and any other topics that inspire the creative mind.  An e-commerce feature gives easy access to member sign up & login.  The new site also has video capabilities, event management tools and an interactive events calendar.  Basically, their whole agenda can now be managed & marketed all in one place– all the while serving up forum members a top of the line experience.  Enjoy, MIT!

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