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Interview w/Richard on the Early Days & How To Be A Networking Slut


Many of you our loyal followers and readers have started following our work as Fresh Tilled Soil has grown. Chances are that you’ve probably met, worked with or perhaps heard our co-founder and CEO Richard Banfield speak about design or user experience somewhere. What most of you probably don’t know is that Richard started his first business because he felt suffocated at his current job, his formal education is in Biology, his very first design project was for his friend’s shoe website, and he spent most of his early days as a “networking slut” making it a goal to meet new people every day.

Below is an up close and personal Mixergy interview with Richard about the early days of his career in the design, the numeropus successful businesses Richard built before working in design, and the story of Fresh Tilled Soil from beginning. Enjoy!

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