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RetireLife Launches an Online Resource for Eldercare


A new FTS client, RetireLife, has been working with our UI team to launch a website for their start-up company.  FTS’ user interface web designers are now in the final stages of creating a comprehensive website, designed to fully support Retire Life’s business model to get the company up and running.  The young entrepreneurs behind RetireLife are a group of Babson students whose entrepreneurial objective grew out of their own personal experiences with friends and family members; they recognized the struggle their parents’ generation was experiencing as their grandparents aged.  There were very few resources available to their parents, (the Baby-Boomer Generation,) who have become the caretakers of their aging parents.  These Babson students realized that they, Generation Y, would inherit this same problem fifteen to thirty years from now, when their parents, (from the even bigger Baby Boomer Generation,) grow older and need the same type of care. helps assuage the tension and anxiety surrounding the very difficult, sensitive issue of caring for our aging loved ones.

RetireLife was designed to provide an online service to this care-taking generation that would make resources for elderly care simple and accessible.  Their plan was to set up a search database based on user location and need, to assist multiple generations when they become responsible for their elderly parents.  The service would offer personalized results, reviews by other users, partnerships with major medical suppliers and hospitals, along with other helpful information and resources. Not only did their business plan fill a current industry void, it anticipated the market need for this service in the future as well.

Fresh Tilled Soil dug right into the project with a complete redesign of RetireLife’s existing site branding, layout, design, and organization. The entire redesign was based off of a new, user-friendly interface that our designers crafted to make the site feel reliable, cozy, and appealing to target users.  They incorporated a (nationally functional,) geo-location element to localize content for users; our user interface web design team also added new and improved search mechanisms, including multi-level filters which allow users to narrow their search at every level to render more specified results.

RetireLife partnered with large industry corporations who were featured as resources on the site as well.  FTS designed the application to have member and non-member account options for both users and associated businesses.  Paying members had broader access to site offerings such as analytics, a personal photo gallery, a features list, outgoing links to their site, and the ability to manage and personalize their profile page in detail.

The RetireLife site launch is still pending, but check out the before and after shots below to get a visual on what’s been done so far:

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