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Project Growth


We’re very excited to announce a new initiative we’re running on behalf of clients who have completed projects with us from 2010 and on.

We are calling this initiative Project Growth. The idea is simple: for each new design project we complete, 10 trees will be donated to American Forests in honor of that client and project. There’s no better way to celebrate our digital industry and to support our clients than to cultivate growth, both in business and nature.

We can’t wait to see how many businesses and trees we’ve helped nurture by the end of this year!
For those of you who’ve completed projects with us, your support not only means a lot to us, but to American Forests, too.

Author Alex Fedorov

Alex is a strategic thinker with a gift for information architecture, known for his ability to wireframe complex workflows and multiple states of applications at the speed of light. He is passionate about clean, data-driven design.

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