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A different approach provides consistent results

Our flexible approach gives you brainpower where you need it most and eliminates waste where you need it least.

Our Process

The duration of each phase in our process will be tailored to your individual project needs.


During the Engage phase, we'll do a lot of listening and learning about your business. We want to understand your hopes, fears, and vision for your product while getting to know your team’s culture and working style. As a team we’ll collaborate on scope, project cadence, and any deliverables you’ll need for success.

  • Identifying the project team

    Selecting who’s best from the Fresh team and your team to work together. Team chemistry and prior experience is important.

  • Scoping your project

    Our initial estimate of the project work.

  • Execute contract

    We sign on the dotted line. You and us, both!

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The Explore phase emphasizes collecting as much background information as possible by reviewing any relevant accounts, demos, and customer research. We’ll fill in the gaps by conducting more research on your markets, users, and competitors. Our team will guide you through this across multiple working sessions.

  • Initial product roadmapping

    Laying out the sequence of features and functionality to build into your project by priority. This also includes features to build later.

  • Design sprints

    A 5-day problem solving, prototyping, and testing intensive that gets your project in the right direction.

  • Success definition

    Defining the outcomes and metrics that make you successful, so we all stay on track and work towards the same goals.

  • Industry and competitive analysis

    Examining your industry vertical to analyze the domain so we’re smart about where you play.

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Drawing on what we’ve learned in the Explore phase, we’ll identify opportunities that will make the most impact on your business. This is where we’ll discuss content you have or may need, technical requirements, and brand guidelines to consider during user experience and visual design activities to bring your project to life.

  • Content strategy

    Working with your team to determine the writing, images, video, and other content that is critical to the project, including any content that needs to be created.

  • Interaction model

    Defining how users will interact with your product and/or website to get the most out of their experience.

  • Front-end architecture and documentation

    Creating a repository of HTML/CSS/JS code and documentation of any technical guidelines.

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Using the knowledge we gathered in the Define phase, we’ll start challenging hypotheses, creating solutions, and testing them with your target users. During this phase we’ll meet weekly to discuss progress on wireframing and prototyping and get feedback from all relevant stakeholders at your company.

  • Wireframing

    Mocking up a low-fidelity version of your product and test the user experience and functionality before writing too much code.

  • Prototyping

    These low-fidelity prototypes might be static, coded screens, or individual components depending on your project to test with users.

  • User Testing

    Your users are the lifeblood of your project. We’ll socialize solutions with and get feedback from your users to make sure their needs are being met.

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We take solutions from the Solve phase and continue to incorporate feedback from your team and user testing. We’ll collaborate to make final decisions on UI elements, fine-tune UX, and perform QA to ensure the final outputs achieve your needs and your users’ needs.

  • Visual design

    The aesthetics of how the product looks, often related to your brand.

  • Final coded deliverable

    We’ll keep the code repository up to date as final decisions are made.

  • Quality Assurance (QA)

    Fine-combing design and code to ensure what we deliver works.

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We’ll tie up any loose ends and hand over deliverables during the Deliver phase. You’ll give us the final sign off that you have everything you need after deliverable reviews. We understand our clients work with a number of code frameworks with different nuances. We’ll make sure to include instructions on how to implement HTML, CSS, and JS into your existing framework.

  • Documentation

    We document and deliver any digital design assets and instructions on how they should be used.

  • Maps

    We’ll send over any empathy maps, experience maps, journey maps, and content maps that we’ve created along the way to help you make future decisions.

  • Development deliverables

    A repository such as GitHub for all the code we’ve written for you.

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Implementation can be a hectic time. We understand you need all hands on deck to get your product or website live. We’ll be here to help you in any way we can from implementation and beyond. From ongoing QA to checking progress on achieving your KPIs, we want to see you succeed. We’ll be in touch from time to time to get feedback about working with us and how we can help with your next product challenge.

  • Implementation support

    Helping you get your code deployed to the right place so your product, website, or service is fully functional.

  • Engagement assessments

    Collecting feedback from the Fresh team and your team to make sure we’ve met all the goals set out at the beginning of the project.

  • Quarterly check-in meetings

    We’d love to hear about how your team is doing, what new business challenges have come up, and to see if you’ve hit all of your KPIs.

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