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Content is King! SEO Tips to Live By


Ok, content may not be King per-say, since there are so many other factors that affect your overall SEO effectiveness, but it’s right up there in terms of importance. It’s not only about the content really, but how you use your content to gain SEO strength within the search engines.

I’ve always found article submission websites to be a great way to promote yourself or your company online. From a human element, the trick is to offer your viewers valuable information, which with help increase the popularity of your article. The next element is to be subtle when you mention or link to your site, unless of course your are explaining the purpose of your organization. From a search engine perspective, article submission sites are highly relevant since the content is always being updated. Many of these sites allow you to hyperlink to your website within the article, which essentially helps drive traffic to your site.

We have been working with an online process equipment vendor, Equipment Genius. We have been focusing our off-site SEO efforts on content creation. I’ve submitted one our articles to an online article submission website, In a little over two weeks the article written for is already ranking in Google on page 1, position #4 (check out the screenshot below) for the keyword iteration “online process equipment.” Google has quickly indexed and placed a higher relevancy on this article than it has for the website. So if you ask me, content is definitely something to use within your SEO efforts.Equipment Genius Google Rank

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