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Office Space & Sensibility: How Web-based Technology Makes Us Better at What We Do


There was a time not too long ago when all office work was always done in the office.  Today those times seem antediluvian, a relic of a business model that no longer exists.  The technology, software, and applications readily available to the masses today have released work from its traditionally confined realm; now the office is omnipresent, given an internet connection and access to a mobile electronic device.

I’m a huge fan of being able to do office work outside of the office.  Those of you who have  visited our Fresh Tilled Soil office will understand why this is surprising– our office is pretty  much spectacular.  It is full of sunlit windows overlooking the Charles, and happy, creative  people that set an ideal vibe for working. Despite our accommodations, in my opinion, being able to take my work outside of our designated workspace makes me a better employee.  Working in new and different environments inspires me to come up with dynamic new approaches to what I do.  Moving into a new physical location is often the catalyst for a genius new idea or perfect solution to an obstacle.  This is a real-life metaphor for the importance of user interface (how the user interacts with and functions in a given space,) in any successful process.

The web-based technologies available to us today safeguard us from the entrapment and isolation associated with long work hours.  Skype, Gmail, Basecamp, Twitter, Facebook, and Gowalla are just a few of the treasured tools that I rely on daily to keep me connected to and focused on my work, in or out of the office.  These technologies keep work pursuits and interactions constantly moving and progressing; that in turn keeps me continually enthralled and on-task.

All of us at Fresh Tilled Soil share my love of these technological web-based business tools that allow us to do work outside of the office (not to mention all the apps that make them even more convenient to use.)  For us, the convenience and ease of working from wherever, whenever has intertwined our personal lives with our work lives.  I’ve noticed the positive impact of this for our team: it brings a realness, dedication, and sense of humor to everything we do, which is something that our clients really respond well to.  It also cultivates, in all of us, a vested interested in the vitality and success of the company at large.

So as the summer rolls in and other companies’ employees feign illness to get out of the office, we at Fresh Tilled Soil take our work wherever we go.  We’ve become addicted to these technologies that let us connect our personal lives with our careers; we can barely hold back the tweets, blog posts, and geo-location check ins no matter what the time or the place.  We challenge you to keep up with our pursuits as our team travels in different directions this summer chasing the sun and working our usual genius just the same.

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