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When Newpro’s Director of IT and Internet Marketing, Rob Pappalardo, discovered that an increasing percentage of the site’s users were visiting the site on a mobile device, it became apparent that we needed a better solution than scaling down the full desktop version of the site down and hoping the users could navigate it.

At first, our instinct was to use Responsive Design to minimize the layout and the navigation, but we found that with so many options on the homepage and subsequent pages, even simply hiding them would not be the best solution; that would still require that the images and content to be loaded, slowing down and marring the mobile experience significantly.

After producing a separate Homepage for mobile devices, we spent some time with our client, Rob, carefully considering the context in which people would want to visit on their phone. We came to the conclusion that the most important items from the full site revolved around promotions, getting a quote, learning about products, seeing testimonials/reviews & getting in touch.

By crafting a small set of templates that addressed only these concerns, we were able to quickly launch a mobile-only solution that dealt with the contextual needs of a mobile visitor and are able to serve up templates that perform quickly, serving up only the content and images that are needed in that moment.

Check out the screenshots below, and visit from your iPhone or Android device to see the mobile experience.




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