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Is Your Website Ready for the Mobile Web?


Your website may offer a great user experience on a computer screen, but will it be easily accessible to visitors visiting your site on a smart phone or tablet device? If industry competitors with a comparable service offering can deliver a way better mobile device experience, you’ll likely lose out on that consumer base. Now that more and more consumers are using mobile devices to browse the web (check out the featured stats in the video above,) this is a growing concern for web-reliant businesses.

Chances are, your website was designed with laptop and desktop users in mind. That means it probably doesn’t look as good or work as well when it’s accessed on a smaller mobile device. Everything gets scrunched up, and it’s hard to find what you’re looking for or to fill out form fields.

Now that there are so many mobile web devices on the market, (iphone, ipad, android, HP slate, windows CRAVE, blackberry, etc) how can your website accommodate all of these different screen sizes & proportions?

With the release of CSS3, Media Queries came about to provide an ideal solution for this increasingly relevant design compatibility issue.  A website built using Media Queries is “programmed” to automatically adjust what your website design looks like depending on the screen size that it’s being viewed on.  It makes your website look and work perfectly on any mobile device. Media Queries doesn’t just make optimal mobile usability possible, it makes it really convenient and automated to boot.

Media Queries allows your website to detect the screen size of the device you’re viewing it on, and automatically adjust to display the best possible view for that particular device.  It eliminates the need for mobile users to zoom in and out to access and view a website; instead, website content and layout conform to make user experience faster & easier on any mobile device.

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