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Mac OS Lion Is Copying Your iPad


Apple is the first to admit that the new Mac OS operating system, Lion, implements a lot of updates and features that makes your computer work more like your iPad.  Here’s a quick list of the updates that Mac OS Lion has borrowed from the iPad:

1.) Auto Save— The other part of that autosave thing is that every time you start up an application, the document that you were last working on will automatically be opened.  The same goes for shutting down and starting up your computer—everything will be as you left it, applications, windows, and documents. Autosaving is an inherent feature of your iPad. You can open and close apps and do a “file, save” and yout stuff will always be there until you close it.

another auto save-type feature inspired by the iPad is:
2.) Versions—There’s a new feature on your computer where versions of your work are automatically saved to your hard drive every hour.  It’s part of Versions, a new feature that will also allow you to go back in time and view the changes and progress you’ve made on a document; if you erased some content 2 hours ago that you want back now, you can find it using Versions and then save the draft to edit it.

3.) Mission Control — The new Lion feature Mission Control gives you an instantaneous birds eye view of all of the applications and documents that you have open on your computer at any given time. it’s the same concept that’s used on the iPhone and iPad where you get a birdseye view of all of the webpages that are open in your browser at one time. It’s also similar to the feature on your iPhone or iPad where when you double click on the home button, an icon bar of all of your open applications will pop up along the bottom of the screen.

4.) MacApp Store & LaunchPad– The MacApp store is built into your computer in Lion, and whenever you download something from it, it will automatically be saved to LaunchPad.  LaunchPad gives you a instantaneous view of all of the applications you have installed on your computer.  It’s the same way apps are displayed on the iPhone & iPad.  Just like the iPad/iPhone, if you hold down one app they all jiggle, and then you can move them around or uninstall them with one click.  You can pile apps on top of each other to create a folder. All of this is directly ripped from Apple’s mobile devices!

5.) Multi-touch Gestures—You can do a whole bunch of cool new things using some new finger motions and movements on your track pad in Lion.  Apple created these multi-touch gestures in Lion to make the user interface “more responsive as if your fingers were manipulating the page,” so they’re trying to make the interface feel more like using a touch-enabled device like your iPad.

6.) New System Pref’s—  Your iPhone has it, and now your computer does too with the Lion operating system: there’s a new Mail, Contacts, & Calendars pane in the Lion system preferences that lets you set up and manage all of your email accounts, etc in one place. Very practical.

Have you discovered any other features in Lion that remind you of your Apple mobile device? Share with us!

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