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Launching BREW not Beer… Well Maybe


We’ve been pretty busy this Summer, working on a whole slew of new projects and are excited to have launched Brew… BREW Boston that is!

Check out the website re-design:
BREW Boston website image

Now you might be thinking that BREW has something to do with beer. Well maybe it does indirectly, but not in the way you might be thinking. BREW stands for the Boston Region Entrepreneur Week and they’ve dedicated a full week to the celebration of everything relating to the launch and continued success of all the great businesses established right here in Boston.

Fresh Tilled Soil is very happy to have partnered with BREW to give them this fresh new look. If your interested in this event be sure to head on over to their website for a full list of event details: BREW Boston.

Pssssssst… You might even be able to find the occasional event that combines the best of both worlds, BREW and beer!


Author Tim Lupo

Tim has expertly managed over 40 projects with his fastidious attention to detail, inherent compassion, and unlimited energy. Tim holds an MBA in global business leadership and brings his entrepreneurial spirit to every project.

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