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LaunchCapital Website Transformation: Before & After


Last night, the new LaunchCapital website officially went live!  We’re proud to say that the Fresh Tilled Soil team worked with them to redesign & reinvent their website.

The images below feature some “before” and “after” shots of the LaunchCapital website; beneath each image is a brief on the changes that were made & why. But please, go visit their new site live, because these static screen shots don’t do it justice!


The homepage was re-designed to make LaunchCapital’s mission statement the sole focus of the site.  By eliminating top site navigation, the interactive mission statement is the primary entry point into all pages of their website; 4 other entry points are given at the footer. The design changes on the homepage reflect the architectural changes within the site– mostly how the site was edited, restructured, and reorganized to be a concise representation of the LaunchCapital brand and mission.

Portfolio Page:

The new portfolio page lists all of LaunchCapital’s ventures on one page, displays their logos, and then offers a filtered view of these companies based on categories that the user can select. Again, the new design offers a more succinct & savvy way to access central site content & contributes to a better user experience.

Blog/News & Events Page:

The page that used to house their on-site blog was replaced by a News and Events page populated by a real-time twitter feed; LaunchCapital still has a blog, although it’s no longer part of their main site navigation. Instead, blog posts, news, and events are all pulled in from across the net via twitter. Tweets within the twitter feed can also be filtered by category of “blog, news, or events.”  Instead of trying to keep up with new happenings by constantly generating their own on-site blog content, LaunchCapital opted for a page with self-generating real time twitter updates, which requires zero upkeep to stay current– real time is as current as it gets!  Now they can blog about choice topics on their offsite blog, on their own schedule, and those posts will be pulled right into this News & Events page feed. Genius.

All of the aesthetic changes above were driven by LaunchCapital’s over-arching goals for their website: for it to reflect their status as thought leaders, to be entrepreneur-friendly (in terms of ease of use and information architecture,) and to transform how people think about seed capital. I think the re-design has certainly accomplished these goals. Congrats, LaunchCapital!

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