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Increasing Landing Page Conversions Just Got Easier with Performable


At Fresh Tilled Soil we are always on the look-out for online tools that make our lives a little easier. If you need to design landing pages for your site and/or want to conduct AB testing on specific landing page templates with ease, gives you a seamless interface to do just that.

Not only is the Performable website extremely simple to use and from a usability standpoint we like, it even allows you to use pre-loaded templates or upload your own custom designs. So whether your a web designer or not, you don’t need much of a design background to get some simple landing pages created for your site. Performable definitely takes the cake when it comes to landing page design and testing.

Check out some of the landing pages we just recently created and uploaded to Performable:

(Performable UI Landing Page: Version A)
Landing page variation for WordPress design services
Landing page variation for WordPress design services

We will be testing out these landing pages over the next couple of weeks and are excited to see the results. With minimal effort on our end, Performable will automatically run AB testing for each of the two variations of landing pages we created for both UI and Custom WordPress CMS projects. It really is a great online program and we encourage all of you to give it a try so that you can increase your landing page conversions.

Learn more about Performable at:

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