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Janeiro Digital Website Redesign


Our friends and web development P.I.C.’s at Janeiro Digital launched their new site design today. Steve Hickey master crafted the design for them with several main objectives.

Janeiro Dig wanted a new site design that would better articulate who they are, what they do, and who their clients are– in an accurate, succinct, and professional way.  The new one page site design keeps content refreshingly curt.  They kicked in some more modern, interactive features like video and social media; this alongside with the bright new aesthetic design, branding, & logo really gives a whole new look and feel– in my opinion it is a smarter, leaner user experience. The infographic does a nice job of demystifying their process, making it translucent to site visitors and prospective clients.

Checkout the before/after site designs below. Check out the new, uncluttered design for yourself at

Janeiro Digital before and after screenshot

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