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Intuit QuickBooks Online Redesign Review


Whenever I look at a website or web application the first impression I receive always leaves a lasting mark. If the site has a funky color scheme or if I found the site using a search engine and the page it directs me to does not have the information easily findable, it can get annoying. Working with web design and web usability on a daily basis it comes becomes almost second nature for me to analyze and pass judgement on a site. Of course when a website does a great job of creating an easily navigated and visually appealing site, I’m one of the first people to recommend it and use it on a regular basis. Even Seth Godin mentioned the potential benefits on his blog

Which is why I’m completely astounded by what is happening at Intuit with their QuickBooks online version. Fresh Tilled Soil has been using QuickBooks Online since the company was founded in 2006. We have been periodically sending feedback and questions about new features and capabilities for the program during these past years. The consistent response has been, “we are working on updates, please stay tuned for new changes and features.” Last Monday when we logged into the dashboard for Intuits’ QuickBooks Online I was surprised to see a complete new color scheme, tabs and icons. What I did not see was any functionality changes, new reporting capabilities, or the ability to use the program on an Apple computer. (A quick side note, we also use the Intuit Merchant Center to manage credit card processing.. I’m happy to note we are able to use this product on an Apple computer for some reason.)

We chose the online version of QuickBooks because we are a web based company and don’t want to be locked down to any one computer. This is helpful if we are traveling or do not have our personal computer available. Unfortunately, every accounting and Quickbooks expert we have worked with, four and counting, complain about the the lack of functionality and features of the program compared to the desktop version.

Hopefully the “lipstick on the pig” routine Intuit pulled is only going to be temporary. We hope that the next release is going to have many more features available like the desktop version. If that doesn’t happen, Fresh Tilled Soil is going to be in the market for a new business accounting tool if you know anyone who has an online version.

Author Dan Allard

Dan is a Senior Strategist as well as our New Business Director. He’s a self-starter and agile thinker, with an uncanny ability to quickly diagnose what needs to be done and communicate that to our clients and internal team members.

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