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How to Install, Design and Develop a Professional WordPress Blog – Part #2


I’ve installed WordPress… Now what?

This is part II of an opened ended series on WordPress. In this post I’ll show some of the ways you can optimize your WordPress blog for better search engine rankings. Some involve adding functionality through the addition of plugins.

Tweak those Permalinks

Changing the Permalinks is essentially for SEO. This will change the URL’s of your WordPress blog to be more search engine friendly.

Follow these steps

  1. Login to your WordPress admin
  2. Go to Settings > Permalinks
  3. Under Common settings select Custom Structure and enter /%postname%/ into the text field
  4. Save the changes

That’s it.

All in One SEO for Automatic Title Optimize

Download and install the All in One SEO Pack and active it from the Plugins page.

Open up Settings > All in One SEO

These are merely recommendations and like most things on the web there is no one way to do something. Play around, make it work for your particular situation.

These two changes will enhance your WordPress SEO significantly. There are more advanced tactics for improving WordPress SEO, if you’d like to explore them I recommend reading the WordPress SEO article written by Yoast. If your more of the visual learning type you can also check out the video version: WordPress SEO Video.

The next article in this series will probably discuss plugins that enhance your visitors experience. Topics may include using multiple dynamic sidebars to show different Widgets on your home page and individual post pages. I’ll also discuss enhancing your blog with email updates and advanced RSS using Google’s FeedBurner service.

Author Dave Romero

Dave specializes in MySQL and PHP development and has built dozens of web applications, ecommerce solutions, and custom content management systems. He’s known for his intense focus and brilliant problem solving.

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