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The Dirt, Episode 1: Images in a Responsive Project


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Earlier this week Steve and I sat down to create our first Fresh Tilled Soil podcast called: The Dirt. We chose to kick off this epic venture by discussing responsive design; a topic that we thought might be interesting in the community and has also been a recent hot topic around the office. We didn’t want to tackle the entire thing as it would take days and you’d get super-bored so we went right after dealing with images.

In this episode we talk about the different ways we deal with responsive images and preparing those images for a responsive project. Everything from normal sprites, to SVG, to icon fonts gets covered in this, our maiden recording of The Dirt.

In the near future we’ll be setting up things in iTunes for those of you who want to subscribe through there. For now, you can subscribe through FeedBurner.

Hope you enjoy the show!

Listener Questions

  1. Once you’ve got a basic wireframe defined for a new design, how do you approach designing individual sections (like a main body content area, or a particular box on a home page): Do you start with the 10,000-foot view, general look and feel first (size and shape)? Fonts? Colors?
  2. SASS or LESS?
  3. Photoshop or Fireworks?

If you have a question for the show, please submit a text or audio version by e-mailing it to Then listen to the following week’s show for the answer (we can let you know as well).

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