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How To Speak 3G: Why Every Business & Consumer Website Needs Onsite Video


With new technology like broadband Internet and smartphone 3G capabilities, it’s easier than ever for us to access video on the web quickly & conveniently. This month alone, over 77% of web users will watch 13+ billion videos online. Translation: the way we consume media on the web today is through video.

From Offsite to On
It’s hard to disagree that YouTube had a big part in amassing the presence & consumption of video on the web.  YouTube started off as a home for user-generated content & social sharing, but it wasn’t long before top-grossing companies around the world started leveraging the power of YouTube to get more views for their promotional videos.  YouTube & other video hosting & sharing sites like provided embed codes so that users could easily embed any YouTube videos on their own websites.  The result: thousands of users that wouldn’t have had the technical knowledge, resources, or $ to feature video on their website now did. On-site video quickly became the norm; social media giants like Facebook built video sharing into their interface, further encouraging & facilitating video as a primary means of consuming & sharing media.

Social Norms & Your Message On the Web
To market your business effectively, you have to live in the spaces where your target audience lives & speak their language for your message to resonate with them.  On the web, consumers are living on Facebook, Twitter, & YouTube, & the blogosphere.  In any of these spaces, verbal communication is minimal, & instead typically includes a link to content.  If the majority of the content we are consuming is video, then the majority of the content we are sharing is video.

Your website is powerful because it drives relevant traffic to your business, right? To retain & grow the traffic you currently have, your website needs to effectively communicate who you are/what you do/something about your brand.  If your business can’t effectively do this as well as or better than your competitors, your website is seriously devalued.  Video is the only way to engage your website audience on a competitive level today; video increases the likelihood that your company’s message will be heard directly by visitors, and if executed well enough, indirectly by 2nd parties, through social sharing on the web.

Viral, Media Stunts, & More Subtle Applications For Video
Video has potential viral power that flat content just doesn’t.  By sharing a video that’s associated with your business, your customers are unknowingly acting as evangelists for your brand. Think about the recent Old Spice videos  with the dude on the horse, or the recently released KSwiss video featuring Eastbound & Down’s Kenny Powers. If you can get that kind of free & widespread buzz from just one popular video on your website, the money you spent on production will comeback to you two-fold. There’s a greater value to that which goes beyond ROI, too.

Let’s scale it down a bit– what if your Fortune 500 business isn’t a household name & isn’t about to go engage in an over-the-top marketing campaign. How can a video on your website benefit your business?  Let’s let the stats speak for themselves:

  • On average, visitors will stay 75% longer on a website with video.
  • Over 70% of people feel more comfortable about buying from a website with video.
  • Potential website leads can increase by up to 80% on websites with videos.

To reap the maximum benefits from a video on your site, it needs to be carefully & thoughtfully crafted.  A great onsite video should take into consideration: your industry & type of business, who your target audience is, and other intricate details about how you want to represent and promote your brand.  The video that Fresh Tilled Soil wants to have on their website is wildly different from the video Fancy Feast wants to have on theirs.   Most importantly, any video on your website needs to be professional– in content & execution.

Our friends at Pod Design are experts at exacting various approaches & styles when it comes to producing web videos. Below are 2 of the videos they produce for 2 very different clients; take a look at how they approach video creatives & production for different businesses on the web.

Legal Seafood- RAW TALK

Video Scoop: The Legal Seafood video was used to generate buzz and pass along. It was sent out to small number of people  & subsequently featured on the front page of the Boston Herald, was CNET’s Must See Moment of the Week, & USA today featured it in their ad industry coverage calling it “hip and hysterical.”

Yahoo – Yahoo! Movie Moment

Video Scoop: Yahoo! Was launching a significant upgrade to it’s popular email client- Yahoo! Mail. It included many remarkable new features at the time, from integrated instant chat, to mobile connectivity.  This video is one of 2 videos produced for the same product campaign, but targeted at 2 separate demographics. (To see the other Yahoo! Mail video targeted at a different demographic, check it out on Pod Design’s YouTube channel.

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