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How To Convert a Fixed Width to a Responsive Website


Back in the first quarter of this year, market analyst firm, Canalsys, released data saying that the total PC sales around the world have just been outpaced by total smartphone sales for the first time in history. Nearly 488 million smartphones were shipped, compared to 415 million PCs! We’ve all heard this trend emerging but when numbers like these come out it really hits home. Mobile Web growth has outpaced desktop web growth 8x and global mobile data traffic should grow 26x over next 5 years.

Moving forward people are going to spend much more time on mobile devices vs. desktops. There is no way around this, we’ve got to address this as a trend. This means all of us need to build products that first and foremost work on all these mobile devices. We need to learn how to create websites and products that work on all devices out there, not just PCs. We need to learn how to create responsive designs.

At Fresh Tilled Soil we have taken this trend to heart and have been helping designers and developers everywhere learn how to build products for the future. In other words, how do you create a website that works on an iPad 3? This video below is a peek into one of the most popular courses we teach here at FTS Labs called Responsive Web Design, it shows you how to convert a fixed width website into a responsive design.

Interested learning more? We’ll we teach courses in anything from Responsive Design to HTML/CSS/Javascript to User Experience, Mobile Mastery and Typography. You can check out the latest schedule of FTS Labs here and if you’re interested or have questions, don’t hesitate to give us a shout.

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