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Change the Color of Your Office Lights with Just a Text Message


Just four months ago Phillips released an open API and an iOS SDK for Hue Connected Lighting System allowing anyone to control the colors and blinking of the office lights through an API. We of course loved the idea and have been tinkering with the API on and off to get it to work nicely with our own lights here at Fresh Tilled Soil. Quite recently we got it to work so that all we need to do is send a text message to change the color and flickering patterns of our office lights, here it is in action:

Here is what actually happens behind the scenes:

1. We send a text message to number given to us by IFTTT. The text message is just a value of the color we want the lights to turn.

2. When we signed up on IFTTT we linked it to our Fresh Tilled Soil account with Phillips Hue API. When it gets the text it pings our Phillips Hue API account.

3. Phillips Hue API matches our account and connects to this little Phillips router device we have hooked up to the internet in the back room here at Fresh Tilled Soil:

4. The Phillips device uses the internet to send a signal to our Hue lights in the ceiling to change color or flicker in a pattern we specify.

5. We can also use the Phillips Hue iPhone app to do fun stuff like take a picture with our phone and turn all lights to the color of the background in the picture, flicker the lights in different patterns, etc etc.

Got questions or comments on how to make this work? Give us a shout!

Author Dmitry Dragilev

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