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Yesterday launched their new public facing website that our team recently redesigned for them.  The concept behind GymPact is pretty cool & innovative– users get rewarded with real money for going to the gym (& working out,) and punished by having to pay when they don’t.  The app uses location services to verify when users have actually made it to the gym, or a variety of other “fitness hotspots” (like the park or a biking path,) where users can prove they’re working out by checking in with the GymPact mobile app.

About the project:  GymPact’s primary motive in redesigning their public facing site was to increase conversions by better conveying their message about what GymPact is and how it works. With their old site design,  they’d found that users were largely unaware of the mobile app component of GymPact, and generally were just not “getting it” in terms of understanding key elements about how it worked.  Lead fts project designer, Steve Hickey, created a one page website that would more clearly portray their product and brand.  The mobile component is no longer an unwillingly kept secret, but instead it’s now a feature image of the homepage, and it also facilitates the user sign up process in a pop-up mobile screen.

Check out the mobile interface sign up, and the GymPact website before and after Steve’s redesign below.  Click here to visit the site live.





Mobile screen “sign up” process:


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