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Recap: Grapevine Event


You know those people you meet who seem to know everyone and always have a helpful connection to introduce you to? We decided that it would be awesome to fill a room with these personalities—people who are enthusiastic about business and networking and eager to help each other out—so that’s what we did.

Taking a brazen path, we co-hosted our first business development event with our friends at Rock Tech and called it Grapevine, An Event For Connectors. We asked a few of our friends who’ve pioneered their own successful businesses (and even published books on it) to come and speak. All said and done, the day exceeded our expectations—everyone took away fresh approaches to sales strategy, some made new business connections, and all had a pretty damn good time doing it. If you didn’t get a chance to join us, here are the highlight videos, presenter slides, and photos from our Grapevine Event…

Dave Gowel, CEO at RockTech: “Measuring Your LinkedIn Success”

Ever think you could get more out of the time you spend using LinkedIn? Join us and spend time with RockTech CEO, Dave Gowel, who earned the title of “LinkedIn Jedi” in the Boston Globe and In this session, Dave will reveal tips and tricks for leveraging your (and even your co workers’,) LinkedIn connections on a whole new level. He’ll share real case studies from companies like General Electric about how RockTech has helped them measure their success using LinkedIn.

Kevin Roy, Co-Founder & SEO Specialist at Green Banana: “PPC vs Organic Search For Lead Generation: Pro’s and Cons”

Kevin Roy presents on cutting-edge changes in search algorithms, including how to know when to invest in paid vs organic search strategy for lead generation, and the impact of each on conversion rates. Learn how SEO stacks up when identifying difference in revenue and ROI on various types of marketing campaigns: email, direct mail, online media buys, etc.

View Kevin’s slides on

John Barrows, Owner at J.Barrows LLC: “Getting The Most Out of Your Outbound Lead Generation Efforts”

John focuses on how to structure your outbound lead generation efforts and strike the right balance between quantity and quality prospecting. We’ll walk through an equation to determine the activity level necessary to hit growth projections and what portion should be accomplished by outbound lead generation. From there we will break down the quality characteristics of your target accounts and how to segment your time and approaches to get the most out of your efforts.

View John’s slides on

Dr. Al Chase, Founder at White Rhino: “Growing Your Network Via Face-To-Face Interactions”

Hear first-hand stories from Dr. Al Chase on the value of connecting people and how it can help you grow your business.

View Al’s slides on

The complete set of event photos can be viewed on our Flickr page.

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