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Google’s “Real-Time” Search Results Are Here…


I’ve been reading a lot of juicy articles over the past couple of weeks pertaining to Google’s futuristic ability to display “real-time” search results AND today I’ve finally seen this mighty-magical process in action.

Let’s start from the beginning… every now and again in an enchanted little place called, “my desk” I like to check to see that my Twitter profile is ranking correctly. Today I typed my Twitter username into the Google search bar and was pleasantly surprised to see “real-time” search results stemming from my Twitter username (review my lovely screen shot below). I was filled with joy… yes, joy over real-time search results!

tlupo google real time

Then I began to think of all the ways we can harness this power to help increase our clients organic search results. I’m sure over time, more and more Google searches will incorporate this feature into the functional elements of Google’s search. But one questioned really stood out to me. Why do some search results display real-time search and others don’t? It’s really all about social presence or the amount of “social content” related to the keyword iteration you type into Google and how frequently you update that content. If there are a lot of Tweets and other social elements that relate to a particular keyword then the ability to view “real-time” search is probably more likely.

Again, this is completely new to me but I cannot wait to see what direction this takes us in search. It’s a great time to build-up your online social marketing skills, because there definitely seems to be a new direction of search on the horizon.

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